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Canada’s top drink trend of 2021 to try this summer, Plenty Hard Kombucha

Canada’s top drink trend of 2021 to try this summer, Plenty Hard Kombucha

Sep 13, 2021

Valli Manickam

Summer is officially here, and if you’re looking for something new to sip on the beach, in the park, or around a campfire with friends, then you’ll want to taste Canada’s latest trend in better-for-you brews - Plenty Hard Kombucha!

What is hard kombucha? Well, it’s kombucha with a kick! A bubbly blend of tea, water and sugar with kombucha cultures, Plenty is steeped with organic fruits and botanicals and naturally fermented to 5% alcohol per can. This latest beverage ticks all the boxes for guilt-free refreshment.

Plenty Hard Kombucha is:

  • 99 Calories
  • 1g Sugar
  • 1g Carb
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Real Fruit and Botanicals
  • Ingredients High in Antioxidants
  • Preservative-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Spirits Added, Plenty is naturally brewed to 5% alcohol
Launched this summer, with two feature flavours Grapefruit + Hibiscus and Mango + Pineapple + Coconut already in stores, Plenty Hard Kombucha is one of the first few hard kombucha brands to be sold in liquor stores in Canada. Plus, it’s currently the only hard kombucha sold on tap! While already popular in the U.S., hard kombucha, with its variety of delicious benefits, is finally making a name for itself in the Great White North.

Already the top drink in the United States

Spend a night out with friends with Plenty Hard Kombucha

Named “the Drink of 2020” by Forbes Magazine, hard kombucha has already taken the United States by storm, with over 20 new kombucha brands that launched in the last four years. Intent on bringing this delicious trend to Canada, the women behind Plenty, Founder Valli Manickam and COO Jamie Kirwin, decided to craft a local, artisanal alternative, inspired by the natural beauty and active lifestyle of their hometown in Vancouver, BC. 

“Plenty Hard Kombucha was created from my desire to see a better-for-you option on the shelves in the liquor store. I knew I wasn’t the only health-conscious consumer looking for a happy hour option I could enjoy guilt-free. After two years of experimenting, I crafted Plenty as the answer - a preservative-free, premium organic ingredient beverage, that also happens to be only 1-gram of carb, 1-gram of sugar, 99 calories, and doesn’t compromise on taste..” 

– Valli Manickam, Founder & CEO of Plenty Hard Kombucha

What separates Plenty from traditional happy hour beverages, is its all-natural preservative-free ingredients, packed with antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and amino acids. Plus, Plenty has no added spirits. Instead, it reaches 5% ABV naturally, through a double fermentation process at the brewery. 

With Plenty, you can spend a night out with friends, and still enjoy your next day’s big adventure, whether that’s hiking a trail, practicing your yoga headstand, or tackling your domestic list of to-dos.

Plenty’s feature flavours 

Best served chilled, Plenty Hard Kombucha’s two flagship flavours for the summer of 2021 are made with premium organic fruits and botanicals. Each 355mL can contains only 99 calories, 1g of sugar, and is naturally brewed to 5% ABV.

Grapefruit + Hibiscus by Plenty Hard Kombucha. A handcrafted alcoholic beverage naturally brewed to 5% alcohol content with refreshing fruit flavours
Grapefruit Hibiscus

The perfect balance of citrus grapefruit, sweet apples, and tangy hibiscus. Lightly carbonated, this handcrafted brew is crisp, refreshing, and comes in a gorgeous golden-rose hue! A true cornucopia of flavours, Grapefruit + Hibiscus is best enjoyed with aromatic herbs like sage, cilantro, basil, and ginger. Try a summer dinner of a homemade Caprese salad or peach and pecan crisp with a chilled Grapefruit + Hibiscus Plenty Hard Kombucha.

Mango + Pineapple + Coconut by Plenty Hard Kombucha. A handcrafted alcoholic beverage naturally brewed to 5% alcohol content with refreshing tropical flavours
Mango Pineapple Coconut

A tropical beach vacation – in drink form! Juicy pineapple, sweet mango, and a hint of coconut make this brew taste like a sunny day in a can. In a vibrant golden hue, this drink is smooth, lightly carbonated, wildly refreshing. The sweet and delicate flavours of this brew pairs great with flavours of peach, vanilla, thyme and our favourite, soft tacos! Try it with some BBQ grilled peaches or mascarpone ice cream!

So, are you ready to try the next big drink of 2021. A refreshing taste unlike anything you’ve had before, discover the best alcoholic kombucha right in the liquor store. Ask for Plenty Hard Kombucha.

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